Allied Care Experts (ACE) Medical Center – Iloilo, Inc. was established to maintain, operate, own and manage hospitals, medical and related healthcare facilities and businesses such as, but without restriction to clinical laboratories, diagnostic centers, ambulatory clinics, condo hospitals, scientific research and other allied undertakings and services which shall provide medical, surgical, nursing, therapeutic paramedic, or similar care, provided that purely professional, medical or surgical services shall be performed by duly qualified physicians or surgeons who may or may not be connected with the hospitals and whose services shall be freely and individually contracted by the patients.

Mission and Vision

TO PROVIDE compassionate, safe and excellent quality healthcare services through:
  • Highly skilled medical and professional practitioners.
  • State-of-the-art medical facility and equipment.
  • Medical education, training and research
A LEADING healthcare facility that is internationally competitive.


ACEMC Iloilo will be the nation’s HOSPITAL OF CHOICE through optimal care by top health experts with cutting-edge medical facilities evident for its international accreditation.

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